Born in 1986, I spent my very young years rubbing shoulders with a renowned painter, Raymond Hanizet, a friend of my parents, who strongly influenced my interest in art. Passionate about discoveries, history, travel, music, dance, theater, it is quite naturally that I began to draw and touch painting. My first watercolor dates back to when I was eleven ... Gouache, pastel, I even tested oil paint before I fell in love with acrylic.

Self-taught painter, I have never taken drawing or painting lessons outside college, but sometimes I document myself, follow tutorials on the net, I let myself be inspired, grabbed by the emotion of the moment. It is this total escape that allows creation, without constraint, without any real reason.

After studying tourism, and in parallel with my profession with young children, I returned to painting after the birth of my daughters, as a need to create, a desire to escape, a need for express the inexpressible, a thirst for freedom.
A devourer of all kinds of books (with a penchant for thrillers and fantastic works) and a pianist since the age of 6, dancing is also one of my hobbies.
I really like to share and I am also very present on Instagram if your curiosity tickles you ... (Link at the bottom right of the site)

Curious by nature and quite involved in everything, I like to paint canvases on various subjects, of different styles, an idea, a photo, a sentence, a word, a dream, a challenge ... In reality, nothing activates my creativity.

Nice escape in my universe ... :)